Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Women in Bunda District Enhanced to abolish malnutrition

Integrated Community Development Programme(ICDP) under Anglican Church of Tanzania-Mara is running its projects in Bunda and Rorya districts.
In 2007 ICDP conducted a base line survey to see the magnitude of malnutrition in Bunda District.From the findings it was revealed the malnutrition was a big problem in Bunda District especially for lactating women,pregnant women and under five children.Amongst the causes were food insecurity,culture of having many children with short spacing,festivals where all food staff is consumed  and lack of knowledge in food preparation.The project is  implemented under funding of Terre des Hommes and in the villages of Kabasa,Bitaraguru,Kinyabwiga,Nyabehu,Kalukekere,Kitaramaka,Buzimbwe,Tairo,Nyasana,Ligamba B,Kisangwa and kunzugu.The project was implemented successfully   as follows:

§         After the training on balanced diet  and food preparation 75 % of 700 take nutritious food.
§         45 % of 210 families practice horticultural farming.
§         130 of 150 households were supported with 350 chickens and 60 goats to improve nutrition status and income. The number of chickens has doubled to the original placements .The goats have multiplied from 60 to 80 goats.
§         600 villages are aware of gender through sensitization meeting.
§         10% of women are involved decision making at this stage.They are also able  to construct energy saving stoves which has reduced fire woodwork load.
§         85% of 300 are aware of HIV/AIDS, malaria and family planning. The practical aspect of it is still low especially with family planning.
§         The beneficiaries were supported with 500 mosquito nets which have helped to control malaria.
§         36 village health workers and committee members are aware of the needs of the community.
§         The government has started providing mosquito nets to all children under five years old.
§         ICDP is collaborating with government and other development actors in Mara region..Heifer project International ( HPI) has supported with 40 dairy cattle to the malnourished beneficiaries in Bunda  district.

Prepared by
Dr Theophil Kayombo