Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Anglican Church of Tanzania (ACT) the Diocese of Mara was founded in 1985. It has been running successful development programmes which are aimed at serving all people in Mara region to improve their living standards therefore contributing towards alleviation of national poverty. The development programmes of the diocese target all people without discrimination in terms of religion, tribe, race, age, gender and political ideology. These programmes are situated in different locations of the region ideally with an intention to reach all the people even those in very remote areas. The approach used to reach many people is holistic in nature, meaning both spiritual and physical aspects are simultaneously dealt with. This approach goes in line with the diocesan vision of transforming the people’s lives through the power of the gospel. To accomplish the vision, the church has a mission of moving with the Holy Spirit in service and fruitfulness
Integrated community Development programme (ICDP) as one of development programmes is targeting to serve communities in Mara lowland areas. The lowlands cover three districts of Tarime, Rorya, Musoma Rural and Bunda. The zone experiences harsh climatic weather. It has a monomodal rainfall pattern hence one cropping season. The lowlands have constantly been frequented with drought conditions which cause famine and a threat to food security. ICDP through the qualified staff has been implementing development projects at the grassroots level successfully.ICDP has been gained good reputation to  both the community and donors in development work in the areas of education,health,environment protection and agriculture.
To implement the programme activities ICDP is currently funded by Terres des Hommes and Dorcas Aid International.All are Dutch based organisations.
By:Dr.Theophil Kayombo