Monday, December 13, 2010


Diocesan Vision
“Lives transformed through the power of the Gospel”
 Diocesan Mission
“To be the best Christian provider of spiritual and development services in Mara Region”
  1. To create interventions which will specifically address all peoples’ problems and together bring about changes for the improvement of peoples’ livelihoods
  2. To formulate a gender policy which will emphasize on equity, equality in employment  opportunities and work positions , rights to family property and justice
  3. To formulate a policy on the prevention of the spread of HIV and AIDS in Mara with a focus on changing  the people’s lifestyles and sexual behaviours
  4. To Improve and sustain good learning environment in secular education by equipping diocesan institution with the best facilities and improvement of the staff capacity
  5. To enhance collaboration efforts with the government, public/private sector, civil organization and all parties with vested interests on community development
  6. To advocate for maintenance of ecosystems, biodiversity and organic farming by application of environmental friendly techniques
  7. To create peoples’ awareness on the human rights, good governance and rule of law

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